01:23:06 - 29/01/2018

In January 23th, in HCMC, Loc Troi Group, Vinaned and other partners hold the meeting announcement ceremony result of sat4rice project in Vietnam.

Mr. Hoang Trung, Director of Plant protection department and representative for Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Plant Protection of the Mekong Delta province attended.
After 2 years, “Sat4rice for agriculture and water in Mekong Delta” activities were processed, this is the first time Loc Troi Group and other partners introduce SAT4RICE app and satellite service on field in easy and effective way to farmers.

Vinaned va Lãnh đạo Tập đoàn Lộc Trời và các đối tác thực hiện công bố kết quả dự án SAT4RICE

Sat4rice app will be introduced to management agency and the media of Vietnam. Sat4Rice app was designed in accordance with telephone interface, both English and Vietnamese language. When using this application, famers can know a lot of information about status of field in each stages, status of rice, water, diseases, plant protection products, harvest date, images and GPS. 
From 1/2016, “Sat4rice for agriculture and water in Mekong Delta” project was officially implemented in 3 years, total budget is over 1,8 million EUR, of which the contribution Loc Troi Group is 390.00 EUR, the rest is funded by Dutch government.

Loc Troi Group coordinated implementation with Dutch and Vietnamese partners. Geo-data connects with the information related to climate change and drought to create suitable and timely information for agriculture.
The project will use the images from satellite, collected data from field which were updated to telephone to process remote sensing images. Moreover, the project also uses estimated productivity model and forecasting pest and disease. As a result, the project will create information about situation in the field such as the growth of rice, rice yield forecast, forecasting pest and disease, drought, salinity and flood,…
The project will provide free and objective information through public communication channels, website and via message boards so that farmers can easily access them anytime, anywhere for millions of farmers in the Mekong Delta

The combination of smartphone connectivity, next-generation satellite remote sensing technology, and the participation of private companies opens the opportunities to the realization of this project at scale with a wide range of activities.

Recent studies have shown that information from satellites combined with analysis of relevant data can be used in agricultural production, helping to improve crop yields, help save seed, water and fertilizer
In addition, farmers will also be able to receive early warning of drought, flood and pest occurrences in agriculture.

Mr. Huynh Van Thon, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Loc Troi Group commented: The benefits brought about by the cultivation of agriculture from satellite technology opens up tremendous potential. Putting the project into practice promises to bring a lot of useful information with scientific perspectives to millions of rice farmers in Vietnam.
This information will provide farmers with broader, broader and more timely visibility into agricultural production. Farmers will be more active in responding to the unpredictable changes of weather and climate.

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