Message from The Founder

Thu Trinh Vinaned

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our website.

My name is Trinh Tran, and I am the founder and owner of VINANED. Our work connects businesses between Viet Nam and the Netherlands together. We provide a bridge of trust through which partnerships can grow and engage in mutual benefit. We help link international ventures, the result of which flourish trade and expand our shared reach.

VINANED is a company that delivers on its commitments. 

VINANED was established with the vision to become the strong financial bridge between corporations both Dutch and Vietnamese. Our three main areas of expertise are Business Connection, Real Estate, and Trading. 

VINANED is committed to our intrinsic and persistent values: reliability, modernity, creativity, innovation and professionalism.

Whether you have a brilliant idea or are searching for an exciting business opportunity in either Vietnam or the Netherlands, just let us or any of our corporate associates know; we will gladly help you realize your dream.


Together we will make this happen!

vinaned - trinh tran