IT Solution

VinaNed collaborates with a number of Vietnamese partners in the area of IT Solutions and Services.This can vary to everything between finding the right partner to solve a specific issue or question up into the joint development of a new business proposition, for which IT can offer a viable solution. VinaNed can also assist and help with the projectmanagement and deployment. We currently focus on the following area’s:

- Business Solutions: Think about a multitude of solutions that have already been implemented and deployed in VietNam and the United States by our partners, for instance in retail, mobile payments, logistics, e-health, access control and e-government.

 - IT Infrastructure: Also, all current and new developments in the area of IT infrastructure like Cloud computing, Cloud architecture and automation, Business continuity, Microsoft Cloud Services, Virtual desktop and collaboration, Workplace deployment and administration, Data center networking, Data leakage prevention, SaaS solutions, Storage and datamanagement are available through us and our partners.

- Online Solutions or Website development: Of course we also have online services and products available, including specific website development. Think about Webinars& Online conferencing, Online Recruitment, Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce, MLM solutions, Microsite development, B2B Marketplaces, E-learning, Social Networking, Mobile en E-loyalty. 

- Mobile apps ontwikkeling: We cannot think about a world without apps. So our partners are able to deliver them for Iphone/Ipad, Android and Windows and are we developing those apps crossplatform-cross device. We can have your business requirements translated quickly and visually appealing into an app.

Contact us for more information if you are interested or have a question about this type of collaboration and the opportunities VinaNed and VietNam can offer you with regards to IT Solutions and Services.

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