About us

Our Approach 

We have a broad connection with capable business advisers, project managers and local authorized decision makers in Vietnam to make sure your plan works out perfectly, in the earliest possible timeframe.

Just present us your idea or plan, and we will take care of the rest. We always put in the extra effort to understand and think together with you on your business endeavor. By doing so we believe that we can match your proposition with funds and, where applicable, business partners, even before we sign a contract with you. 

We work on performance – often on a no-cure, no-pay basis – with full commitment to delivering the best result to you. We become your partner, your friend, and will be so on every leg of your project, from the drawing board to the ultimate success. That is why we are proud to call ourselves the premier Dutch business gateway to Vietnam.

Our Commitment

VinaNed is built on a foundation of trust and reliability. We are building an excellent tradition to deliver well on our commitments.  Our people are dedicated to our promises and your goals; we focus on the objectives, the process through which to achieve the best results, and follow through until the job is done, and our efforts bear fruit. 

We communicate clearly, honestly, and professionally