Rental Properties

We are providing 2 following options:

1. Short-term stay (under 5 years):

Contracts for short-stay can be easily changed and you’re spared the effort of making major repairs or maintenance.We will take care all the time-consuming documents for you and just settle and stay and work. Just beat the competition to the door with our practical guide to rental property.

2. Short break away from daily home:

There are times when a budget holiday just doesn’t cut it: romantic honeymoons, a trip to propose, anniversary getaways, a celebratory retirement vacation – they are all luxury holidays which merit splashing out on.

But sadly the words “luxury”, “holiday” and “cheap” rarely go together. But with us, you still can enjoy the high life at low prices at one of the must-go beach location in Vietnam.


Cam Ranh Cam Ranh
Available Mid 2018

3. Sentosa Villa, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet

Sentosa Villa Mui Ne Phan Thiet


Designed in modern style, Sentosa Villa offers beautiful sea views from every sides. Located on the white sandy hill with the view to Mui Ne Bay, Sentosa Villa has a spectacular area for a beach resort. Moreover, possessing forever a villa at Sentosa Villa will bring many benefits to the owners. Either you can use it as a second home or with option to rent through the professional management company.

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